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Egg Handling and Preparation Tips
General Egg Handling
"Refrigerate at 45 F immediately after delivery. Never store at room temprature. Store shell eggs in their case. Store away from strong odors (foods such as fish, apples, cabbage or onions).
Scrambled eggs preparation and handling 1. Use only clean, uncracked eggs
2. Wash hands. Use only clean, santizied utensils and equipment.
3. Do not reuse a container after it has had raw egg mixture in it. Clean and sanitize thoroughly before using again.
Scrambled eggs preparation and handling 4. Use Grade AA or A eggs for scrambling as they are less likely to discolor during holding.
5. Cook in small batches (no larger than 3 quarts) according to rate of service.
6. Cook thoroughly until there is no visible liquid egg.
7. Never leave at room temperature more than 1 hour (including preparation and service).
Buffet Holding Tips
Hold at 140F or higher for no longer than 30 minutes.
Do not combine eggs that have been held in a steam table pan with a fresh batch of eggs. Always use a fresh steam table pan.
To avoid greening of scrambled eggs during steam table holding, add lemon juice or citric acid crystals to egg mixture before cooking.
Did you know?
Al Jazira chickens produce 300,000 eggs a day, that's a million eggs in 3 days.
Al Jazira poultry farm produces white as well as brown shell eggs totaling to about 60 million per year!!
The average chickenlays about seven times her weight in eggs a year.
Oology is the study of eggs An egg is make up from 3 main parts: the sehll, white and yolk.